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What are the benefits of outsourcing your MSP or NOC?

Be an IT champion for your clients by using an outsourced sidekick that grants you the opportunity to boost your business.

Posted on november 1 2018

As a managed services provider, you aim to be an IT champion for your clients, covering all of their needs and providing first-rate support and all of this within a certain budget. Sadly, this is often easier said than done. Aiding every need of your customers......

How to grow your MSP with a NOC

What are common pain points of a MSP and how can these be alleviated?

Posted on october 31 2018

Primarily focused on growing their technical skills and expertise, IT professionals tend to be a distinct group. Technical ability is their point of convergence and, within reason......

Fast-Growth Fintech: Overcoming the Challenges of Service Assurance

Maintaining customer satisfaction and delivering excellent service in a high-growth sector.

Posted on october 28 2018

There is a long historical link between the finance sector and technology, despite the reputation of banking as a large, slow-moving, legacy industry. But it is the speed of development in technology over the last decade......

How to Build an Affordable 24/7 Network Operations Center in Telecoms

Balancing scalability, service and cost to empower your business to grow

Posted on october 17 2018

For any telecoms organisation, the Network Operations Center (NOC) soon becomes the heart of the company. Ensuring that your customers are well looked after in case of issues, and taking care of investigative work.......

RPN Expands into New Offices to Support Growing Client Base

Demand for outsourced technical support staff in the Philippines is on the rise

Posted on march 27 2018

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve moved into new, larger offices to house our growing team of engineers based in Davao City, the Philippines.......


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