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by Toby Demelker, Marketing & Sales
november 1 2018, 10:00am

As a managed services provider, you aim to be an IT champion for your clients, covering all of their needs and providing first-rate support and all of this within a certain budget. Sadly, this is often easier said than done. Aiding every need of your customers can become exhausting, overwhelming and expensive, which is a good reason for many MSPs to seek help from outside. Every champion needs a sidekick, and outsourcing can grant you the opportunity to boost your business and become a leading MSP.

After-hours support

These days IT management has emerged into a 24x7x365 enterprise, as a result of businesses operating internationally and fundamental customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, your staff needs to rest. A crisis can literally occur at any time, but finding in-house technicians who are willing to sacrifice all their nights, weekends and holidays is nearly impossible and not to mention very expensive. With our NOC or White Label MSP, you’ll have a dedicated team of technicians or support personnel, which act as an extension of your team, working around the clock and proactively resolving issues that may arise ensuring that your customer remain happy, while your in-house staff is busy producing new revenue streams.

Benefits of outsourcing your MSP or NOC

High level tech support

Hiring high level technicians with a wide skill set can be very expensive. MSPs might have to turn away some projects and requests from clients because they can’t handle the workload. With an outsourced NOC you can tap into the knowledge of fully certified and trained technicians, making sure that you will be well positioned to serve your clients, even if you don’t have the in-house technicians.

Every MSP likes to sell first-class tech support to their clients, but doing so on a budget with little staff that don’t have the time to master the latest Professional Services Automation (PSA) tools and Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM) tools can be challenging. Our people are trained on the latest PSA and RMM tools along with the same platforms and technologies you service for your clients. Using an outsourced NOC or outsourced helpdesk is the perfect solution, saving your company time and resources and freeing up your in-house technicians, allowing you to focus on revenue-driving projects that increase your margins and rise your business


Unlike, in-house staff, outsourced providers don’t take sick days, vacations or national holidays. Instead of managing an employee you receive an all day and night service including anything from protecting the IT systems, completing patch updates, managing support tickets to maximising uptime for your clients.

MSPs frequently feel like they don’t have enough technicians, and highly skilled technicians are not only expensive, but hard to come by. Being compelled to pass on a project or a request from a client because you don’t have enough resources to handle it are days of old with an outsourced provider. An outsourced helpdesk or outsourced NOC frees you up to scale your team to the size of your projects without going through a time-consuming hiring process. An outsourced NOC or outsourced helpdesk serves as an extension of your staff, expanding your diversity of services, we combine the expertise and benefits of a fully outsourced IT service with recruitment services and staffing services.

Streamlining your business can lead to infinite scalability where your company focus shifts from human resources and ticket metrics to product development, marketing and sales. Furthermore, outsourcing your helpdesk or in-house NOC can allow your company to support any customer anywhere in the world without the concern of staffing resulting in further growth.

Our clients are flourishing. With labor costs under control our clients are jumping ahead of industry trends, generating other revenue streams, whipping competitors out on price and activating new solutions that puts them ahead of the competition.

Other revenue streams

Performing routine updates and monitoring networks through all hours of the night are important services that you should provide for your clients. Unfortunately, these services are also routine and tiresome tasks that don’t generate additional revenue for your MSP.

Running a 24/7/365 helpdesk or 24/7/365 in-house NOC can be an enormous distraction and MSP owners often find themselves pulled away from strategic efforts to make sure that their MSP is operating properly and their technicians performing optimally.

Creating value-added service packages for your clients is a great way to diversify your offerings beyond just network monitoring or break-fix support. Diversification is the key of growing your clientele, and that takes time from your technicians, time that could be freed by using our White Label MSP or NOC services

An outsourced 24x7x365 helpdesk or 24x7x365 NOC can help you handle all front line support, answering calls, following up tickets and solving IT problems, while you are focusing on growing other revenue streams.

Imagine yourself having the time and flexibility to focus solely on your strategy and your technicians solely on relationship building, which leads to more upsells and cross-sell opportunities while RPN focuses on the more time consuming, recurring tasks and responsibilities while your business is run smoothly.

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